Nov 032009

Sarawak, part of Borneo, is a treasure trove of natural wonders, probably best appreciated through its many protected and well managed national parks and lush rain forests where alluring caves, cascading waterfalls, pristine beaches and exotic wildlife are waiting to be enjoyed.

My visit to Sarawak’s natural wonders, with my lovely wife, Kavita during our honeymoon back in 2002 brings back unforgettable fond memories of Gunung Gading National Park, Bako National Park, Niah National Park, the boat ride up the mighty Rajang river to Kapit and Belaga.

SarawakEmblem-w-flowerThe land of the majestic hornbill having diverse endemic species such as Proboscis Monkey, huge Rafflesia flowers in Gunung Gading NP, not forgetting the potpourri of different races and ethnic groups of people in Sarawak and the “Bruno Manser” saga which propelled Sarawak into the centerpiece of international attention over the years never stop to amaze and fascinate me.

Tomorrow, I return to Sarawak on a mission. To work for a client in the oil palm sector. This trip takes me to the northeastern region in the hinterland of Miri and Bintulu, giving me another chance to savor the ecologically and environmentally rich natural assets of Sarawak, not forgetting visits to long houses. For this reason Sarawak is still regarded as one of the top “nature adventure” destination in this part of the world.