Feb 182010

Excerpt From: Living Enlightenment
Chapter 1: You Are Your Emotions
Section 1: Flow in Love – Living enlightenment is expressing overflowing love towards all.
Part 15: The unity of Love

Children feel that they are adults only when they say ‘no’ to their parents. It is a basic instinct. When they say ‘no’ they feel that they are established as an individual. That is why, all over the world, youngsters always rebel. Whether it is in the West or in the East, in all the countries all over the world, in all the cultures, the youth say ‘no’. When they say ‘no’, they feel they are strong.

But our love is dependent only on ‘yes’. As long as we receive ‘yes’, our love also is ‘yes’. When we get a ‘no’, we also start saying ‘no’. This is called horizontal love. It starts and ends horizontally. It starts again and ends again. It always ends with some reason or other. There is another love called vertical love. It never ends because it never starts. It is always there in the form of energy. It is consciousness. Vertical love is when we suddenly realize that we are living inside everybody just as we live inside our own body!

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