Dec 012009

What do you want to create?Count down to 2010 has begun, in less than 30 days, we will have another new year facing us.  Many would be busy looking at how this year 2009 went by so fast.  What can I plan for next year, 2010.  Another brand new year for us to create.

I was just chatting with a close friend of mine in Papua New Guinea, and dabbling on the topic of both personal and professional goals.

… “What did you do differently this year?”

… “What did you set out to do, and did not achieve this year?”

… “Think about why you failed to achieve your goals and what led you to it?”

… “Did you commit yourself 100% with intensity?”

Just looking back and reflecting on these and answering these questions yourself, would be quite illuminating and awakening.

Time is flying…another year has went by and ask yourself, am I closer to achieving my goals?  What steps have I taken?  Why did I choose this way of doing, thinking, saying?

Much of the time, we tend to keep running…in the rat race due to some Automatic reaction, but at the same time we loose track of the bigger picture.  We pay attention to the little things in life, such as, “The tea-lady made my coffee too sweet”, “The boss should pay more attention to us”, “The government is like this, or like that”.  Have we ever said, “Let me be grateful to the tea-lady and acknowledge her today”, or “Maybe I should ask my boss how was his day or his family”.  You get the picture 😉

Well, we find it easier to postpone and tend to continue to procrastinate ….ah! what is the hurry….  It is easier to postpone behaving  in a new way than to make an effort to achieve our goal, right?  Of course, the mind will say, “Don’t do it, you’ll look silly’

Well, what can I say… think about this point.

What would you like to create for 2010?  What are you wishing for?  Just visualize it, and intensely commit to achieving it.

Just think about it.

Let me leave you with these thoughts:

  • In a sincere manner, think about what you want to achieve or create for 2010
  • Just select one or two that is most important
  • List out what actions steps you can do to have what you want
  • Put a realistic time line to each goal
  • Now start, one step at a time, and mentally visualize you already having it
  • You believe in yourself, and the world will believe in you 🙂  I promise