Nov 032009

visiongreenWith the recent dramatic results of the 12th Malaysian election on 8th March 2008, numerous public forums and post-elections open dialogues were organized.

Lots of hot debates in kedai kopi, at hypermarkets while queuing to pay for your groceries about Who is going to be elected as the next Menteri Besar, Deputy CMs and ExCo members. Suddenly so many people turn critics overnight.

One thing remains, is that the fate of our environment was never the topic of conversation, not before, not during, may a little after the elections. Now that the new line up is rolled out, what is the Commitment for Mother Earth? For a start, there is certainly more rubbish as banners, buntings, flyers from the elections are cleared up, NATION wide. Who is accountable for this? Leave to the Majlis Daerah, or the newly appointed CMs or State ExCo or maybe you and I?

How about a clean and environment friendly elections when Malaysian’s vote for the 13th time in her history. How about electronic ballots, I am sure by then the technology will allow you to cast your votes through secured connection, regardless where you live in a truly global world. Malaysians now depend much on sms, internet and blogs as a source of information and probably that’s what is needed for the next generation of MALAYSIANs when voting time comes… no more sepanduks, bantings, banners, and more rubbish.

Lets vote for Envirolections, next time la…