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Just this morning I was talking to a close, loving friend of mine who share the same passion (for the environment).  He had sent me something that made me have a hard look at myself and my goals.  He prefers to remain annonymous, but you can read about him.  Upon reading his email, I was compelled to share it with you.

Here goes …

People who do not set goals in their own lives, are like ships sailing without any maps and compasses. They will be drifting aimlessly, from day to day, hoping to somehow arrive at the nebulous port called “somewhere.” Their voyages though their lives will be left to pure chances.

Without setting any goals, their lives will be uninteresting and devoid of any challenges or opportunities. By setting goals, the drive for decisive constructive and effective actions are stimulated and nurtured. Further, goals function as maps and compasses, in guiding us in our own journeys towards the distant ports in our lives. Goals also assist people in knowing as to where they are headed, besides guiding them on how they can reach their destinations.

Setting goals are more than only dreams; they are instead dreams to be acted upon. They are also much more than  mere “Oh, how I wish I could.” Setting goals are declaration (clear statements) of “This is what I am exactly going to do.” And likewise, setting goals are not deliberating on fanciful doubts, but rather they are declarations of faiths, beliefs, action, iron will and end results.

10 Reasons for Setting Goals:

1.  Goals  furnish your lives with purposes, help you to know specifically where you are headed, and  provide clear targets for your lives.

2.  Goals help your developing  plans and actions for reaching your chosen targets.

3.  Goals are exciting since they keep you actively engaged, which will surely deliver success and happiness.

4.  Goals keep you young and interested in life, since they would be filled with tangible hopes and expectations.

5.  Goal setting and goal adhering strategically would, besides benefitting yourself, also encourage the others to follow likewise.

6.  Goals enable you to monitor where you are on your map of life, at any point in time, if you have carefully planned your own journey of life.

7.  Goals, if meaningfully set, would allow you to follow the paths of the great leaders who have gone before you.

8.  Goals are essential for accomplishing milestones in your professional and personal lives.

9.  Goals allow you to be fully involved in the decisions to be pursued for the present and the  future.

10. Goals provide you with avenues for implementing initiatives decently and orderly, thus eliminating “hit-and-miss” approaches to your lives.

  2 Responses to “Setting Goals in Life”

  1. Sanath,

    While I agree that we should properly plan our lives but it should not be too structured in such a way that we might end up putting too much pressure on ourselves and at the end of it getting very disappointed due to the target not being achieved. The very basic planning for the family are mainly the financial aspect of it…you know…children/household expenses…the holidays…insurance…etc. Planning for your career should be a separate matter altogether.

  2. Hi Muslimin (if that is your real name…cool)

    Firstly thank you for commenting. I agree with you, goals are there to keep us on track. Without goals, we will just drift aimlessly in a vast open sea/space.

    So you got your goals, right? Have a look at where you are in your life, right now. Where are you with your goals, right now? You mention family, holiday, career. Where would you like to be? What specific actions you need to take? What kind of person you need to be so that you get what you want?

    These are some questions that I have been dabbling around. Let me know what you think.

    In the mean time, happy discovering. 🙂

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